Solano Horizonte has designed, developped and produced agricultural machinery for more than 30 years in its facilities located in Corvera (Murcia, Spain). Quality and innovation are the essential mainstays of the company, which controls each stage of the manufacturing process. The use of the newest technologies to meet customers’ needs has allowed for developping agricultural machinery that optimizes the yield of farms.

The develpoment of agricultural machinery shares a series of features: a safe design with durable materials that minimize maintainance.

Solano Horizonte offers all the wearing spare parts as well as technical advice in order to get the best performance from its agricultural machinery.

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Featured products

Superchisel 3 rows (tine 40×40)

40×40 tines (available in 2 rows, and 30×30 tines).

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Trailed atomizers mod. STANDARD, LEVANTE & CICLON

Trailed atomizers from 600 to 3.000 litres.

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Front olive harvester

Front olive-tree harvesters (models for normal trees, and young trees).

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