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Trailed NB nebulizer


We have designed our nebulizers to perform very effective treatments on all the area of vineyards in intensive crop. They are available from 1000 l to 3.000 L.

Characteristics Trailed NB nebulizer

  • Structural steel chassis and cold folded sheet.
  • Qualicoat polyester powder paint.
  • Adjustable fixed throwing lance.
  • 10.0 / 80-12 ”wheels as standard in 1000L.
  • 10.0 / 75 15.3 ”wheels of 1500L and 2000L series.
  • 11.5 / 80-15.3 ”wheels of 3000L series.
  • Support wheel.
  • Suction filter with safety valve.
  • 2 self-cleaning inline pressure filters.
  • Hydraulic agitation.
  • Polyethylene tank.
  • Hand washer tank.
  • Tank washer circuit.
  • ALFA remote control (GRH)
  • Hydraulic brake and parking brake.
  • Prepared for two complete rows of vineyard on trellis, with adjustable track width.
  • With 8 diffusers and two nozzles each of the diffusers, the nozzle is turbulent, with its independent antidrop in each nozzle.
  • The diffusers are height adjustable and lean from the bottom up, independent, with an air intake of 110 m / m per diffuser, directly from the turbine, to avoid air loss.
  • The arms are articulated, the bar has an antishock device that, in case of touching any obstacle, moves, forward or backward, in order to save the obstacles as easy as possible and avoid breaking arms. The arms when open, have a winch that dampens the blows from top to bottom, to make easier circulation between lines.
  • It has three hydraulic movements, lifting, folding and folding of the right arm, or left arm, indistinctly, with a three-button joystick that is operated, from the tractor cabin.
  • Double turbine of 500 m / m with double aspiration, front and reverse, with centrifugal clutch, air volume of 16000 cubic meters of air, at the time.
  • This system is hydropneumatic, with two water outlets per air diffuser, the pressure and the nozzle gauge is what determines the application volume and the size of drops more suitable at all times.
  • This nebulizer is fully adapted to the needs of any farm, which is planted, in vineyard trellis.
  • The four diffusers that are covering both sides of the vineyard, no matter if the vineyard is fifty meters or two meters, with the system of regulation in the diffusers the coverage is total, in a height or in another.

Accessories and spare parts

If you need spare parts, accessories or other options for your Trailed NB nebulizer, contact your nearest dealer or the Solano agricultural machinery sales department.

At Solano Horizonte, we endeavour to have our sprayers and atomizers as long-lasting as possible. So, we work with the best market´s providers and brands of components, accessories and spare parts:




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