Spare parts for sprayers and atomizers

The most complete and updated catalogue of accessories and sapre parts for sprayers and atomizers, with the best market`s brands and the guaranty of Solano Horizonte.

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Pumps and PTO shafts

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Pressure regulators and manifolds

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Booms and nozzles

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Air fans and cannons for atomizers

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Tank accessories

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Wheelbarrow sprayers, hose and spraying lances


Download Solano Horizonte’s Spare Parts catalogue, or request our Price List of accessories to receive a hard-copy by mail.

Catálogo Repuestos Solano Horizonte

Spare Parts Catalogue

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Tarifa Repuestos Solano Horizonte

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We work with the best brands of accessories and spare parts

At Solano Horizonte, we endeavour to have our sprayers and atomizers as long-lasting as possible. So, we work with the best market´s providers and brands of components, accessories and spare parts:

Campeón motores
Mc Electronics
Müller Elektronik

Pumps and PTO shafts

Udor Pumps (diaphragm or plunger; low, medium or high pressure) with accessories and spare parts. Engines and pump-engine spraying sets with the leading brands of the market (Campeón, Honda, Kohler y Udor), apart from the various tractor’s PTO shafts of your sprayer.

Pressure regulators and manifolds

Spraying computers for both sprayers and atomizers from the brands Arag and Geoline; pressure regulators: manual or electrical, constant pressure or volumetric with compensated overflow; Pressure gauges, speed and level sensors, GPS receivers; GPS automatic spraying on/off, individual spraying on/off nozzle by nozzle, and more accessories of control and automation of your sprayer/atomizer.

Booms and nozzles

Manual and hydraulic booms, inter-row and “T” booms, Nozzle-holder with quick-fitting caps, and mounted with Easyfit accessories.

Air fans and cannons for atomizers

Our fans are suitable for plantations of trees that need phytosanitary applications by atomizers, like almond trees, olive trees, fruit trees, citrus trees, etc. The fan model to be mounted depends on the volume of air and phytosanitary products that trees need, and on the HP power of the tractor that will run the atomizer. Among all our models of fans, those which feature clutch have two working speed

Air cannons for atomization of small and large surfaces, greenhouses, etc.

Tank accessories

Tank level, hydraulic agitator, and possibility to have a chemicals induction tank (with can-washer and rinsing function). Draining valve. Hinged tank lids, filters. Auxiliar tanks (hand-washing, circuit-rinsing).

Wheelbarrow sprayers, hose and spraying lances

Wheelbarrow sprayers with 1 or 2 wheels, car-trailed sprayers and accessories for wheelbarrows. Hose and hose-reels (manual or with hydraulic engines). Spraying lances, lances for weed-killers (in option, plastic protector) and injector for chelate products.

We are at your disposition if you need more information, to help you configure the machine with the options that better meet yours needs in order to get the best working performance once working in the field.