Display of SOLANO HORIZONTE agricultural machinery at FIMA 2020

21 February 2020 | Fair / Exposure

A whole arsenal of agricultural machines with many interesting new features

The 41st edition of FIMA 2020, the most important International Agricultural Machinery Fair in Southern Europe, will take place in ZARAGOZA from February 25 to 29.

Feria Internacional de maquinaria Agrícola

Solano Horizonte celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and has prepared an arsenal of machinery. The combination of experience, care for the needs of our clients, and innovation give rise to the possibility of offering a wide range of products that meet the requirements of the most demanding professional.

The stand is currently being prepared so that everything will be ready next week.

Maquinaria Solano Horizonte recién colocadas en el stand

Solano Horizonte machinery recently placed in the stand

The stand 21-36 in hall 6, street C / D will be the showcase where visitors can see latest generation machines, up to a total of 17 machines intended for SOIL, SOWING, SPRAYING, ATOMISATION and COLLECTION treatments.

Location of stand C-D / 21-36 inside HALL 6

Solano Horizonte’ agricultural machinery is characterised by its QUALITY, its DURABILITY, and by the continuous search to offer innovations and technological developments to increase safety, productivity, profitability and to facilitate the tasks of the users to the maximum.

Among all the machines, the SNC 6000 COMB PNEUMATIC SEEDER MACHINE, with an arm designed by Solano Horizonte, unique in the market, can be highlighted. This is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL SDC seeder arm with independent lines for fertiliser and seeds, pressure regulation, and individual depth control in each arm, possibility of two sowing lines, etc.

SNC 6000 Seeder with MULTIFUNCTIONAL SDC arms

SDC arm

Visitors will also be able to see different spraying machines. The ELEGANT series mounted sprayer, with a 1,200 litres capacity and the new 18 m BSA aluminium bars with a modular system. This system makes it possible to exchange the different parts that make up the bars. Any part of the bar can be replaced without having to replace the entire bar.


The NEW ELEGANT 2000L mounted sprayer, with a new, more compact, narrower 2000L polyethylene tank. All its features are integrated in the machine, providing an increased protection to the controls. In the same way, the product mixing tank can be accessed through a hinged door.

Its 9-way MULLER ISOBUS computer with hydraulic features makes it possible for all spraying information to be easily transferred and viewed from the tractor computer.


The NEW 2020 SPARE PARTS TARIFF will also be available at the stand.

Useful Information:

Dates: from 25 to 29 February 2020.
Location: ZARAGOZA FAIR Autovía A-2, Km 311 50012 ZARAGOZA

Solano Horizonte stand: 21-36. Street: C / D. Hall: 6

Solano Horizonte contact person at the event:

Manuel Gironés –> Mob: 676 960 922
Jesús Fernández Molina –> Mob: 676 960 924
Pedro Serrano –> Mob: 680 285 794
Miguel Ángel Martínez –> Mob: 649 612 406
Jesús García Alegría –> Mob: 649 482 182
Christopher Cerezuela –> Mob: 682 627 272

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