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SR-25 disc harrow (rear wheels)


Within the range of Solano Horizonte’s agricultural machinery, disc Harrows with rear wheels are soil tillage implements that can work on all kind of grounds and perform very well on hard and dry soils as well as on grounds with many stones. They are aimed at cutting weeds and vegetal matter, and at shredding clods so as to generate a good seedbed.

Characteristics SR-25 disc harrow (rear wheels)

  • Separation between SR-25 discs: 25 cm.
  • Models with 250x100x8 mm rectangular tubular chassis.
  • Eccentric shot.
  • Hydraulic system for actuating the opening or closing of the stands and the rear wheel pneumatic equipment.
  • Filming system provided with MONOBLOC self-aligning housings of ball bearings protected with triple-sealed seals that SIMPLIFY THE NEED FOR LUBRICATION.
  • Solid steel frame shaft (F-114) 40×40 mm for all models.
  • Standard simple discs.


If you are looking for other options on our SR-25 disc harrow (rear wheels), please contact our nearest dealer or the export department of Solano Horizonte.