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CONDOR tractor-mounted sprayer with SH booms

With SH booms


CONDOR tractor-mounted sprayers are designed to be hitched to the rear three-point linking system of the tractor and to be run by PTO shaft. They are available from 800L to 2.000L.

We can propose you a wide range of electric presure regulators and spraying computers. Main tank features two built-in, independent auxiliar tanks (hand-washing, circuit-rinsing). They are mounted with a hydraulic stirring device to obtain and keep a good homgeneity of the mixture. Eventually, Solano Horizonte can propose you a large range of OPTIONS.

SH hydraulic booms feature 9 hydraulic functions on models 18-20-21 m, and 13 on the 24-metre model. They stand out thanks to their level of standard equipment: anti-drip triget nozzle-holders; electro-valvles with in-cab control box; pneumatic suspension with various accumulators; anti-whippng effect pieces; last section with safety system and last arm in aluminium.

Finally, we can propose you the most sophisticated option like GPS automatic control (section control, or nozzle-by-nozzle control), ISOBUS, etc.

Characteristics CONDOR tractor-mounted sprayer with SH booms

  • Frame in structural steel and cold folded sheet metal.
  • Polyester coat painting qualicoat.
  • Tank in polyethylene.
  • Hand-washing tank + circuit washing tank.
  • Controls accessible from driving position (according to regulations)
  • Filter on pressure regulator.
  • Hydraulic agitation.
  • Filter in tank opening.
  • Foldable step.
  • Booms with independent right and left holding/unfolding.
  • 1 PTO Shaft.
  • 1 self-loading pipe.
  • Boom with tri-jet nozzles.
  • Hydraulic lock

Hydraulic booms mod. SH:

  • Available in 18, 20, 21 and 24 m.
  • Hydraulic solenoid valves with cockpit control
  • 9 hydraulic functions in SH-18,20 and 21:
    • 6 independent cylinders for the sections
    • 1 cylinder for hydraulic elevation.
    • 1 cylinder for hydraulic lock.
    • 1 cylinder for the slope corrector.
  • 13 hydraulic functions in SH-24:
    • 8 independent cylinders for the sections
    • 1 cylinder for hydraulic elevation.
    • 1 cylinder for hydraulic lock.
    • 1 cylinder for the slope corrector.
    • 2 safety cylinders in the lateral sections.
  • Anti-whipping system with rubber buffers on SH 18-20-21.
  • Anti-whipping system with Belleville washers and high elasticity sheet steel on SH 24 m.
  • Possibilities of work:
    • Boom completely open.
    • 1 open side, 1 closed side.
    • With slope corrector.
    • With positive variable geometry.


Accessories and spare parts

If you need spare parts, accessories or other options for your CONDOR tractor-mounted sprayer with SH booms, contact your nearest dealer or the Solano agricultural machinery sales department.

At Solano Horizonte, we endeavour to have our sprayers and atomizers as long-lasting as possible. So, we work with the best market´s providers and brands of components, accessories and spare parts:




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