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CHR and CVR 2-row Superchissel with 40×40 tines


Within the range of Solano Horizonte’s agricultural machinery, strong Superchisel is the perfect soil tillage implement with two-point shares if your soil needs to be tilled at a depth of up to 35cm. This 2-row cultivator is available with lateral folding or vertical folding, and is mounted with a spring safety system that features two springs (main one + auxiliar one) and nylon rings to reduce the needs of maintainance.

Characteristics CHR and CVR 2-row Superchissel with 40×40 tines

  • Working depth: 35 cm.
  • Arm mounted with spring non-stop safety system
  • Frame 100x100x8 mm.
  • Clean under chassis: 75 cm. (Arm 40×40)
  • Category II hitching 13 arms (inclusive)
  • Category III hitching 15 arms (inclusive)
  • Double point share
  • In models with manual folder, the roller is fix.
  • Nylon unions.




Rollers (cage Ø 400/550 mm)

Rollers (Packer-SBR-Aros NG Ø 500/600/590 mm)

If you are looking for other options on our CHR and CVR 2-row Superchissel with 40×40 tines, please contact our nearest dealer or the export department of Solano Horizonte.