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Tractor-mounted nebulizer


We have designed our nebulizers to perform very effective treatments on all the area of vineyards in intensive crop. They are available from 600 l to 1.200 L.

Characteristics Tractor-mounted nebulizer

  • Designed to treat 2 full rows with adjustable track width.
  • 8 diffusers, each one featuring 2 turbulence nozzle and individual anti-drip device.
  • Diffusers are independent, height-adjustable, orientable upwards and downwards. They have a air-intake and are fed directly from the fan to avoid any air loss.
  • Arms are articulated, and the booms feature a safety system that enables them to move frontwards or backwards if they are stroken by an obstacle. When they are open, arms have a winch that cushion strikes from up to down to make circulation easier between rows.
  • A selector of hydraulic functions allows to run the three hydraulic functions (elevation, left side open/close, right side open/close) from the tractor’s cabin.
  • Double fan Ø 500 mm with double front, inverted suction, centrifugal clutch and a 16.000 m³/h air volume.

Accessories and spare parts

If you need spare parts, accessories or other options for your Tractor-mounted nebulizer, contact your nearest dealer or the Solano agricultural machinery sales department.

At Solano Horizonte, we endeavour to have our sprayers and atomizers as long-lasting as possible. So, we work with the best market´s providers and brands of components, accessories and spare parts:




Campeón motores




Mc Electronics

Müller Elektronik