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CH and CV 2-row Cultichissel with 30×30 tines


Within the range of Solano Horizonte’s agricultural machinery, strong Cultichisel is the perfect soil tillage implement if your ground is hard or compact with a lot of stones, weeds and stubble, and if it needs deep soil tillage. The working depth of this cultivator can go up to 25 cm. There are two versions: CH (lateral folding) and CV (vertical folding),

Characteristics CH and CV 2-row Cultichissel with 30×30 tines

  • Working depth: 18-25 cm.
  • Arm mounted with sprong non-stop safety system
  • Frame 80x80x8 mm.
  • Clean under chassis: 65 cm. (Arm 30×30)
  • Category II hitching 13 arms (inclusive)
  • Category III hitching 15 arms (inclusive)
  • Swallow’s grating
  • In models with manual folder, the roller is fix.
  • Nylon unions.
  • Folding models allow the machines to meet the road transport requirements of European rules.



Rollers (cage Ø 350/400 mm)

Rollers (cage Ø 550/650 mm)

If you are looking for other options on our CH and CV 2-row Cultichissel with 30×30 tines, please contact our nearest dealer or the export department of Solano Horizonte.