NEW ELEGANT tractor-mounted sprayer: more compact, more stable and safer

20 May 2020 | Machinery news

QUALITY and DURABILITY are distinguishing features of Solano Horizonte’s agricultural machinery, a company that is always trying to offer technical innovations to increase the level of safety, productivity and profitability as well as to make the machines as friendly-user as possible.

That is the spirit in which we have designed and developed our 2000-L NEW ELEGANT sprayer, with a more compact and narrower polyetylene tank.

Characteristics and equipement:

The chemical induction tank and the controls of auxiliary functions are fully built-in into the machine. They are sheltered under a polyetylene hood.

Depósito escalera pulverizador elegant

Both auxiliary clean-water tanks (hand-washing, circuit-washing) are also fully built-in into the sprayer and stand at a handy height. There is storage compartment under the circuit-washing tank.

Depósito herramientas grifo mando Elegant

Access to the top part of the tank is easy thanks to a built-in ladder and two handles.

Escalera NEW ELEGANT 2000 L

Among the range of available pressure regulators, we can propose you a spraying computer MULLER ISOBUS with 9 spraying sections and integrated control of hydraulic functions.

Ordenador MULLER ISOBUS 9 pulverizador new elegant

The NEW ELEGANT hereunder shown is mounted with a 24-metre SH+ hydraulic booms (pendulous system, anti-whipping system).

Pulverizador New Elegant barras SH 24 metros