Agricultural Machinery SOLANO HORIZONTE – Spain

Since SOLANO HORIZONTE S.L.U. was set up, we have kept on endeavouring to design and manufacture high-quality agricultural machinery, and to fulfil our commitments towards both our customers and a responsible work, in order to be a leader company in our market segments. Our company has adapted itself to the new competitive environment, in which management abilities and vision of future have become essential tools in order to strengthen ourselves as a well-known European manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

Quality and innovation are two important pillars of our company. A third one is our staff, that we consider as a big family at the service of our customers.


Solano Horizonte has quality certificates AENOR ER-0742/1/99 and Quality Systems Certificate IQNet.


Agricultural Machinery: Technology and innovation

Integrating new technologies in our designing and manufacturing processes, and the subsequent quality gain that it means, is one of the key factor of the line of conduct of SOLANO HORIZONTE S.L.U. We have been able to strike a balance between the efficiency and the quality of the agricultural machinery that we manufacture by studying and taking into account down to the smallest details. Our will to innovate always remains in harmony with our strong commitment to the protection of the environement. We are fully aware of how important is to apply an ecological strategy in our factory, and to take it into account in our products. Value for the customer and social responsibility are two important points of our corporate culture and philosophy.

Solano Horizonte S.L. always keeps on trying to improve and to reach excellence in order to be a technological leader in the automatization of manufacturing processes, mainly regarding processes with composite materials, in order to anticipate and meet the new needs of our existing customers as well as of new sectors so as to obtain a steady and sustainable growth.


Solano Horizonte S.L.U.

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