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ARES trailed sprayers

With BGVA assisted by air booms


Solano Horizonte has designed the ARES range of trailed sprayers to have more working autonomy. They are made with a strong, reinforced frame in structural steel (3.200L tank), and 8-mm pleated sheet of steel (4200L tank). Chemicals induction tank is standard.

They feature both hydraulic and parking brakes as well as road light kit in conformity with Spanish rules. Standard model feature a fixed tow-bar. In option, you can have articulated tow-bar (homologated in Spain): a “V-shaped” model with mechanical articulation, and another straight one with hydraulically run articulation (2 cylinders).

We can propose you a wide range of pressure regulators (electric, computers, ISOBUS) with the most sophisticated options like GPS automatic control (section control, or nozzle-by-nozzle control), etc.

Solano Horizonte has designed this model to mount its lateral-folding, air-assisted BGVA hydraulic booms in galvanized steel (16, 18, 21, 24 and 25m) or in aluminium (24m).  They are mounted on hydraulic elevation by parallelogram with pneumatic suspension.

Characteristics ARES trailed sprayers

  • Hydraulic system with independent oil tank:
    • 1 general pump.
    • 1 engine to drive the fan.
  • Hydraulic brake + parking brake.
  • Wheels 270/95 R-48 “as standard in Ares
  • Fixed shot lance with adjustable support.
  • Homocinetic transmisión.
  • Product mixer tank
  • Tri gets booms
  • Paralelogram elevation.
  • Independent folder (9 movements with variable geometry).
  • Fan diameter 720mm with 12 blades, run by totally independent hydraulic circuit.
  • Load regulating valve


Accessories and spare parts

If you need spare parts, accessories or other options for your ARES trailed sprayers, contact your nearest dealer or the Solano agricultural machinery sales department.

At Solano Horizonte, we endeavour to have our sprayers and atomizers as long-lasting as possible. So, we work with the best market´s providers and brands of components, accessories and spare parts:




Campeón motores




Mc Electronics

Müller Elektronik