The new “ELEGANT” series of suspended SPRAYERS, the new RT65 MIX rear HARVESTER model, and the CHS CULTIVATOR, among the new developments

International Fair of Agricultural Machinery FIMA 2018

The 40th edition of the prestigious International Fair of Agricultural Machinery FIMA 2018 will take place in Zaragoza from February 20 through 24.

Solano Horizonte won’t miss this event, taking the opportunity to present its new machinery, developed for an increasingly professional agricultural sector.

This year we have booked a 460 sqm surface to accommodate the almost 20 soil preparation, sowing, harvesting, spraying and atomisation machines that we will showcase in HALL 6 STAND C-D/21-36.

Among other innovations, we introduce the new line of suspended sprayers ELEGANT, specially designed to couple different sizes of hydraulic spraying bars.

The ELEGANT units feature small dimensions while retaining the same main tank capacity, and offer a compact and optimised design by integrating the auxiliary tanks into the main tank.

This new ELEGANT line comes along with another innovation: The ALUMINIUM bars (available in 16, 18, 21 and 24m) that provide lightness and resistance on a central body equipped with hydraulic systems and special suspension systems, resulting in a versatile, reliable and durable sprayer.

The new RT65 MIX REAR COLLECTOR is also worth mentioning. It can be used both for harvesting almonds and olives.

With regards to soil preparation, we present a new RASTRO CHS STUBBLE CULTIVATOR with a ø500 cage roller.

Other machines that may be exhibited at the fair:

The SOLANO HORIZONTE team will be at your disposal to provide you with further information about these and other machines on display.

SOLANO HORIZONTE contact people at FIMA 2018:

Jesús García  | Telef.- +34 649 48 21 87 |

Manuel Gironés | Telef.- +34 676 96 09 22 |

Jesús Fernández  | Telef.- +34 676 96 09 24 |

Christophe Cerezuela | Telef.- +34 682 62 72 72 |

Pedro Serrano  | Telef.- +34 680 28 57 94 |