Interesting innovations in olive oil machinery that will not go unnoticed by visitors

EXPOLIVA is the International Olive Oil and related industries Fair, which is held every 2 years at the Ferias y Congresos de Jaén (IFEJA) regional centre, celebrating the XIX edition this year 2019.

This year, from 15 to 18 May, Solano Horizonte will feature interesting innovations incorporated to their machinery intended for the olive industry in this significant event.

Official logo of the EXPOLIVA 2019 Fair


Booth 38 at the TURBOCÁDIZ pavilion will be the venue where visitors will be able to see first-hand the latest machines designed for olive harvesting and atomizers, both trailed and tractor-mounted, for phytosanitary treatments.




Different models of professional olive harvesters type R100 PB7 and R120 will be featured.

New harvesters specially designed for young olive trees and plantations with reduced work spaces (Mod. R60 OL J and R75 Mix) will also be introduced. These new harvesters are characterised for being lighter and have a smaller size, and can be adapted to any type of tractor, even those with reduced strength.



The Solano Horizonte atomizers, characterised by their compact design, are machines designed to make the different treatments that enable a healthy olive and a good flowering much easier. At our booth you will find a 4000 litres trailed atomizer for olive trees and a 1000 litres tractor-mounted atomizer.

Solano Horizonte trailed atomizer

Solano Horizonte tractor-mounted atomizer


In addition to the previously mentioned machines, visitors will be able to see one of the latest developments in tractor-mounted sprayers of the ELEGANT series, with a 1200 litres capacity and Aluminium Bars.

A large technical sales team will be glad to show you all the information regarding these and other machines that may be of your interest.

Useful Information:

Dates: From March 15 to 18, 2019.
Place: Recinto Provincial de Ferias y Congresos de Jaén.
Solano Horizonte Booth: 38
Pavilion: Turbo Cadiz
Solano Horizonte contact person at the event:
Manuel Gironés                                              Mob: 676 960 922
Jesús Fernández Molina                              Mob: 676 960 924
Pedro Serrano                                                 Mob: 680 285 794
Pedro Sánchez                                                Mob: 679 518 012
Jesús García Alegría                                       Mob: 649 482 182
Christopher Cerezuela                                 Mob: 682 627 272
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