We have the pleasure to inform you that will exhibit at the “Jornada Internacional de Agricultura de Conservación” (International Field-day of Agriculture of Conservation) organized by the Asociación Española Agricultura de Conservación Suelos Vivos in the farm “El Pozo” at Barruelo del Valle (Valladolid province).

During the field day, we will do demonstrations with 3 models of direct seeders:

A direct seeder with tines model SDR

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  • Pneumatic direct seeder with tines;
  • Share of the tines reinforced with tungsten plate;
  • Arms with spring mechanical safety;
  • Tractor-mounted models from 3 to 6 metres with 2.000 L hopper (seeds);
  • 6.000 L trailed models (seeds, or seeds-fertilizer).

A direct seeder with discs model SDN

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  • Discs direct seeders;
  • Arms with spring mechanical safety;
  • Compacting wheels in cast iron behind the sowing disc;
  • Mechanical direct seeders (3,00 & 4,35 m);
  • Pneumatic direct seeders (4, 5 & 6 metros);
  • Only seeds.

A direct seeder with discs model SDN SA seeds/fertilizer

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  • Discs direct pneumatic seeders;
  • Off-centres double discs with inside cleaning device;
  • Discs mounted on parallelogram with a 20-25 cm movement;
  • Sowing set designed to work with seeds and feritlizers (2 different burrying points);
  • Set of 2 compacting wheels with ajustable working angle;
  • Posibility to mount 20″ front cutting discs;
  • Models from 3 to 6 metres (only seeds, or seeds-fertilizers).