In last FIMA, which took place in Zaragoza from Feb 16th to Feb 20th, SOLANO HORIZONTE S.L. exhibited on a 320 m² stand the most representative products of its wide range of agricultural machinery (soil working, sowing, harvesting and spraying), and presented two new models in the seeder line:

  • The SNC 600 pneumatic seeder, with a 6000-litre hopper (3.600 L for seeds, 2.400 L for fertilizer) and an ISOBUS electronic system to regulate the dosis of seeds and fertilizer, and which can feature various kinds of sowing train (shares, coulters, discs, shares for minimum till sowing). The model exhibited at the fair featured a 6-metre sowing train with shares for minimum till sowing, mounted on 4 rows.
  • The pneumatic direct seeder SDN SA 450, with a 4000-litre hopper (2.400 L for seeds, 1.600 L for fertilizer), two fully independant circuits for seeds and fertilizer and arms specially designed for direct sowing. The model exhibited featured a 4-metre working width and a 7.500 Kg empty weight.

Solano Horizonte in FIMA Saragossa 2016

We had a lot of visits and enquiries, and we would like to thank all the people that visited us on our stand.