Stubble cultivators “RASTRO” (70×22 tine)

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  • Superficial and deep working (from 5 to 30 cm).

  • Optimization of ground clearance under the frame to work on straw and crop residues.

  • Tines with guideboards + levelling discs to optimize the mixing of soil and crop residues.

  • Guideboards + discs + roller: very good levelling of the ground.

Rastro CHF (fuse-bolt safety)

CODEMODELTinesNum. DiscsWidth (m)WEIGHT (Kg)POWER (CV)
1CUSCT0046CHF-300-F1030 cm8 (1+6+1)3,002,901.450120-180
1CUSCT0047CHF-350-F1229 cm8 (1+6+1)3,503,401.620140-220
1CUSCT0048CHF-400-PH1429 cm10 (1+8+1)4,002,402.690160-240
1CUSCT0049CHF-500-PH1631 cm12 (1+10+1)5,003,003.040180-260

Rastro CHS (spring safety)

CODEMODELTinesNum. DiscsWidth (m)WEIGHT (Kg)POWER (CV)
1CUSCT0042CHS-300-F1030 cm8 (1+6+1)3,002,901.700120-180
1CUSCT0043CHS-350-F1229 cm8 (1+6+1)3,503,401.920140-220
1CUSCT0044CHS-400-PH1429 cm10 (1+8+1)4,002,403.040160-240
1CUSCT0045CHS-500-PH1631 cm12 (1+10+1)5,003,003.440180-260


  • Structural frame 100 x 100 x 8 mm.

  • CHF model: fuse-bolt safety.

  • CHS model: spring safety.

  • Clearance under frame: 80 cm.

  • Clearance between rows: 75 cm.

  • Tine 70 x 22 mm (boron steel).

  • Width of wings: 35 cm.

  • 300 mm guideboards

  • 3 rows of tines, 1 row of discs, roller.

  • Ultra-reinforced hitching 3º point.

  • 3º hitching point with fixed and sliding position.

  • Hitching category II and III.

  • Discs: either plain or notched.

  • Discs with double-sealed disc-hubs.

  • Arms with 2 discs between the lines of the tines mounted on the last row.

  • On each end, 1 closing disc.

  • Depth control by roller (various models) and parallelogram.

  • * Road traffic: consult the rules in force in your country.

CHS model:

We have improved the design of our known and appreciated spring safety system to maximise the clearance under frame.(80 cm).




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