Articulated trailed V-shaped disc harrow (AR)

(Combined tow-bar)

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1GDART0049AR-25-40-26401626″ – 66 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)5,002,854275200-220
1GDART0050AR-25-40-28401628″ – 71 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)5,002,854570200-220
1GDART0051AR-25-44-26441626″ – 66 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)5,502,854430220-240
1GDART0052AR-25-44-28441628″ – 71 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)5,502,854750220-240
1GDART0053AR-25-48-26481626″ – 66 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)6,002,854830240-260
1GDART0048AR-25-48-28481628″ – 71 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)6,002,855185240-260
1GDART0054AR-25-52-26521626″ – 66 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)6,502,854920260-280
1GDART0055AR-25-52-28521628″ – 71 cm250 mm11.5/80-15.3″ (14PR)6,502,855300260-280


  • 7 mm thick discs, with diametre 26″ or 28″.
  • Frame of beams on which discs are mounted: 250 x 100 x 8 mm.
  • Thrown off centre tow bar.
  • Hydraulic system to run independantly the opening/closing of the disc harrow, the regulation of wheels and the tow-bar.
  • Self-aligning MONOBLOC bearings with taper roller bearings and triple sealing system, which makes greasing operations easier.
  • Axle in square full tube of steel (F-114) 40 x 40 mm.


1GDACT0009Price difference for fixed hydraulic tow-bar
1GDACT0001Protection for bearings housing
1GDACT0002Price difference for additional support point
1GDSRT0037Price difference for 8 mm thick discs with 28” diametre
1GDACT0004Price difference for disc spacing at à 280 mm
1GDACT0011Price difference for pneumatic wheels 400/60-15.5” (14 PR) on models with 34 & 36 discs


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