We have the pleasure to introduce you our new model of vertical folding hydraulic booms for tractor-mounted sprayers: the SH+ 24-metre booms with pendular system. It features 9 mechanical sections: the centre + 4 arms on each side. Last arm is in aluminium and features ball and socket joint safety system (3 D movement).

pulverizadores-suspendidos-condor-barras-hidraulicas-sh-24Our technical department has designed especially for this booms an in-cab box to optimize the control of hydraulic functions:

  • sh24-08-mandoIndependent folding/unfolding of right and left sides.
  • Sequential folding/unfolding of arms.
  • Hydraulic cylinder to lock first and second arms together.
  • 1-metre hydraulic cylinder for elevation.
  • Hydraulic corrector of inclination.
  • Positive variable geometry.
  • Hydraulic locking of pendular movement.

Our technical department has taken into account all the relevant factors so that the booms meet the needs of the most demanding customers:

  • Pendulous system with anti-whipping system.
  • Hydraulic elevation with pneumatic suspension.
  • Central section with gas and spring shock absorbers.
  • Main articulation points with rings.
  • Last section in aluminium, with rack system to fold/unfold and Belleville washers.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.