Pneumatic seeder for simplified sowing (SDL)

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Shares mounted on four rows

1SESDL0002SDL 300-4-191915,5 cm1.600.3,00 m3,00 m1.200 Kg100-110
1SESDL0003SDL 400-4-262615,5 cm1.6004,00 m3,00 m1.430 Kg110-120
1SESDL0004SDL 500-4-343414,5 cm1.6005,00 m3,00 m1.600 Kg120-130
1SESDL0005SDL 600-4-424214,5 cm1.6006,00 m3,00 m1.840 Kg130-140


  • Tractor-mounted pneumatic seeders.

  • SDL simplified sowing arms on 4 rows.

  • Capacity of hopper: 1.600 litres.

  • 3-metre model: fixed chassis.

  • From 4 metre on: chassis with 2 wings featuring hydraulic folding.

  • Standard on all models: 2 pneumatic central wheels 10.075/15,3″.

  • 2 lateral wheels standard on 5 & 6 metre models (in option on 4-metre one).

  • Depth control: through top links and paralelogramme.

  • Trace eraser of the seeder’s wheel.

  • Harrow with 1 row of curved tines.

  • Sieve for seeds in the hopper.

  • Scale to easy access to the hopper.

  • Pneumatic fan run by PTO shaft.

  • Hydraulic plugs to connect “endless screw” loader.

  • SDL arms for simplified sowing mounted on 4 rows, with spring safety system and nylon rings.

  • Tips can be dismounted from the arm and are reinforced with tungstene pieces.

  • Thickness of the arm: 12 mm..

  • Clearance between rows: 40 cm.

  • Clearance under frame: 50 cm.

3 available monitors:

Monitor 3 functions:

  • Monitor with rpm counter of fan
  • Ha counter
  • Alarm for low level of the hopper

Electronic control monitor with:

  • Hectare counter.

  • Working speed.

  • Fan rpm counter + alarm

  • Rpm counter for the axle of the dosing unit + alarm

  • Alarm for low level in the hopper

Sowing computer

  • Regulates automatically the sowing dose through electrical engine and according to working speed (speed sensor on the wheel of the seeder).


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