On Oct 30th 2014, ETABLISSMENTS MONROUX (17780 Soubise, France – dealer of the SCAR network) and Mr. Couq (our commercial in France) put into service a pneumatic seeder model SNP 500-4-40 sold in the Department of Charentes Maritimes.



Putting into service a pneumatic seeder

The seeder, which has a 5-metre working width, features 4 rows with 40 arms mounted with our mechanical spring safety system. The hopper has a capacity of 1.800 litres. The farmer who bought it owns 180 Ha. He will sow wheat at a dosis of 155 Kg/Ha, and will work at 10-12 km/h with a 115 HP tractor.

The seeder was put into service on a boggy land in dry conditions (ground was heavy and hard, which did not prevent the seeder from getting properly into the ground), and on which the famer had sowed maize before. The land had been worked 1 time with a subsoiler, 2 times with a chisel and 1 time with a rotative power harrow. There were some vegetal residue and maize stalks left. The seeder never got filled.

We would like to thank the user and ETS MONROUX for trusting our products.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.