Solano Horizonte, member of ANSEMAT and AGRAGEX

26 October 2017 | Company / Corporate

National Associations working on the development of the agricultural sector through mechanisation

Solano Horizonte has become a new member of the non-profit association ANSEMAT since last September.

ANSEMAT is the National Association of Agricultural Machinery, Forestry and Green Spaces that represents and supports companies that manufacture machinery and systems for the agricultural, livestock farming, and green spaces industries, guarding and defending its members’ interests before national and international agencies, whether public or private.

In addition to helping and advising members before authorities, entities, and organisations regarding all matters concerning the agricultural sector, the purpose of the association is to promote, collaborate with and participate in projects dedicated to agricultural machinery studies, research, and trials.

As well, it coordinates, carries out, and disseminates collective, advertising or prominent initiatives concerning the sector by preparing yearbooks, catalogues, and publications, and taking part in seminars and conferences.

solano horizonte

It is not the first time that Solano Horizonte joins a similar Association. It has been a member of the seasoned AGRAGEX Association for over 15 years.

AGRAGEX is the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Agricultural Machinery and its components.

Its main purpose is to serve the agricultural sector by promoting local agriculture initiatives in foreign markets and standing for the collective interests of its affiliated companies.

To this end, AGRAGEX organises business exchange missions, participates in industry-related International Fairs, channels contacts with foreign companies, carries out market research studies, and gathers statistically relevant data. It also organises Technical Seminars, Advertising campaigns, and many promotional actions.

The importance of being a member of various Agricultural industry associations

Solano Horizonte, as an agricultural machinery manufacturer, being a member of ANSEMAT and AGRAGEX was inherent to its activity.

We have several reasons driving us to join this and other business associations: To network with industry professionals who share the same concerns as ours, to come closer to the farmers to learn their needs in depth, and to be aware of all the challenges affecting the sector. The participation in forums, events, and fairs organised by ANSEMAC and AGRAGEX will allow us to be up to date on news, regulations, technological innovations and significant changes in the sector.