SOLANO HORIZONTE direct seeder; state-of-the-art technology for farmers

10 May 2019 | Machinery news

The SDN+ model with 6m working width; ideal for large farming operations

SOLANO HORIZONTE introduces the new direct seeder model SDN + 600‐35D (seed).

Featuring a 4000 litre hopper, it has been specially designed for large farming operations, with a 6m working width, which reduces working hours to a minimum due to the large area it covers with a single tractor pass.

Direct seeder SDN + 600-35D (seed)

This robust seeder offers advantageous features:

Its wide access platform to the hopper makes it possible to easily control the inside of the hopper.

The seeder riddling enables the distributor to receive a completely clean seed, without any other foreign element.

It features a turbine with a hydraulic circuit separate from the tractor’s hydraulic system (driven by PTO shaft), providing a better regulation of the turbine.

The monitor is located in the tractor cab.

The seeder’s rear has a signal light kit installed.

In order to simplify maintenance operations on the seeder arm’s parts, it features a foldable sowing train mounted on 2 rows. The clearance between both rows is wide (1740 mm), which makes it easier to add many accessories to the seeder’s units.

The floating wheels   included on this machine prevent the soil compaction while working on it.

Direct seeder model SNC-600

SOLANO HORIZONTE direct seeders are characterised by being robust and heavy; tough machines that are very suitable for the type of soil that supports direct sowing, in which the seed is inserted into the soil where no tillage work has been carried out.