International Field Day Of Conservation Agriculture

3 October 2016 | Fair / Exposure

SOLANO HORIZONTE exhibited Last Sept. 22nd at “Jornada Internacional de Agricultura de Conservación” organized by AEACSV in Barruelo del Campo (Valladolid).

solano en barruelos 02 1

According to the topic of the filed day, we exhibited staticly and dynamicly 4 models of simplified tilling and directs seeders as well as a 1.500-litre sprayer with SH hydraulic booms.

The sprayer worked with full tank during the main part of the morning at an average 20-25 km/h speed and attracted attention for the very good stability of the booms.

The 4 models of seeder that we exhibited were:

Pneumatic seeder for simplified sowing SDR 500-4-31

A 2.000-litre tractor-mounted seeder with direct sowing arms model SDR 500-4-31 featuring a 5-metre working width, roller and harrow with curved tines. Apart from the good penetration into the ground of the coulters reinforced with tungsten, the seeder attracted attention for evacuating very well the vegetal residues (stubble).

Pneumatic direct seeder SNC 6000

A 6.000-litre trailed seeder with arms for simplified till working model SNC 6000 SEM with a 6-metre SDL 600-4-40 sowing train (40 arms featuring coulters reinforced with tungsten mounted on 4 rows).

Pneumatic direct seeder  SDN 6-35

A 2.565-litre trailed direct seeder with single discs model SDN 6-35 featuring a 6-metre working width and rear compacting wheels in cast iron.

Pneumatic direct seeder SDN+ 450-27

A 4.000-litre trailed direct seeder with double off-centered discs mounted on parallelgram model SDN+ 450-27 featuring a 4,50-metre working width, two fully independant circuits for seeds and fertilizers, 20” opening discs, set of 2 compacting wheels with ajustable working angle.