DEMOAGRO 2017 (San Clemente, Cuenca. Spain)

2 June 2017 | Fair / Exposure

We would like to thank all the people who visited our stand at DEMOAGRO 2017, where we exhibited the most representative agricultural machines of our 4 lines of products (soil working, sowing, spraying, olive and almond harvesters) and our new products for 2017.

As for soil working, we presented our new stubble cultivator, the RASTRO CHS. To produce it, we have modified the design of our known and appreciated spring non-stop system in order to maximize the vertical clearance under the frame

We also exhibited a large number of pneumatic seeders. In the last few year, we have strongly developped this range until achieving a very comprehensive offer: conventional seeder (tines, suffolk coulters, discs), minimum-till seeders (tines), no-till seeders (tines,  single discs, double discs); tractor-mounted models, and high-capacity trailed ones (with possibiity to have twin hoppers for seeds and fertilizers). This year, we have added a new model: a front-hopper (with electrical engine and speed radar) that we presented at DEMOAGRO 2017.

As for sprayers, we exhibited a 3.000-litres atomizer featuring a high-yield Ø 1.060 mm fan and a sonar system to start/stop spraying automatically; a ZEUS 3.200 litre trailed sprayer with 24-metre booms in aluminium, that were appreciated for their stability at working speed of 15-20 km/h going straight and turning. We also presented our new models of tractor-mounted sprayers ELEGANT: one ELEGANT 1.500-litre with vertical 18-metre booms in aluminium, and one ELEGANT 1.800-litre with vertical 24-metre booms.

We will give soon more information about new products. Once again, we thank all the people who visited us at DEMOAGRO 2017.