Aluminium hydraulic booms BGVL ALU (lateral folding)

3 January 2017 | Machinery news

Our range of aluminium BGVL ALU lateral hydraulic booms from 24 to 30 metres can be mounted on ZEUS 3.200 & 4.200 litre trailed sprayers (consult us for other working width).

BGVL ALU booms has a structure made up of a central section mounted on a pendulous system and 4 arms (2 on each side). They feature 9 hydraulic functions that are controlled from the tractor cab (electro-distributor): independent fold/unfold of arms (4), parallelgram elevation (1), central section lock/unlock (1), corrector of slope (1), variable geometry left +/- and right +/- (2).

As usual, we have taken care and optimized the shock absorbing of movements that affect the structure of the booms, by combining two systems:

  • a.- Pneumatic suspension (through air  accumulator and gas shock absorber) on the paralelogram elevation.
  • b.- Hydro-pneumatic suspension through nitrogen accumulators to soften the whipping effect movements and the working of the variable geometry.

Do not hesitate to consult us for more information.