News vibrocultors, stubble cultivator and range of harrows and rollers

Dear Customers, we inform you that we have enlarged our range of soil working machinery, and therefore updated our website. We underline the following products:

a.- 4-row VCH Vibrocultors:

Frame 60x60x8, 45×12 tines mounted at a 12,5 cm distance, vertical hydraulic folding of the wings (transport width:: 2,85 m). We can propose you models from 4,00 to 8,00 meters, that can feature various models of harrows and rollers.


b.- Stubble cultivator CHD:

Frame 100x100x8 (ground clearance: 83 cm), arms with double-spring safety system mounted on 3 rows (at around 30 cm, depending on models), one row of discs, and several possibilities of rollers. We propose you two models with fixed frame (working width: 3,00 and 3,50 m.), and two models with hydraulic folding of the wings (working width: 4,00 and 5,00 m).


c.-Harrows and rollers:

We also have enlarged our range of harrows and rollers:


We invite to visit the updated pages. Do not hesitate to consult us.