SOLANO HORIZONTE presented in FIMA its new range of no-till seeders SDN+ (seeds) and SDNC (seeds + fertilizer), that have been designed taking into account the needs of no-till farmers.

SDN-Plus-SDNC-01All the available models (3,00 – 4,00 – 4,50 – 5,00 – 5,50 – 6,00 metres) feature a 4.000-litre hopper, that can be divided in 2 parts (2.400 L for seeds, 1.600 L for fertilizer). In option, we also propose a kit for micro-granulated fertilizers.

The seeder is mounted with 560/45-R22” pneumatic wheels, and a rear-light kit. The pneumatic circuit (1 or 2 fans, depending on model) is run through a fully independent hydraulic circuit (oil tank + hydraulic engines), that works through PTO shaft.

SDNC models (seeds + fertilizer) feature two independent circuits: each line has its dosing unit (in stainless steel and polyetylene for the fertilizer line), its fan and its distribution head. In the standard version, there are two monitors (one to control each circuit).

In option, we propose the dosing unit(s) with electrical engine and computer in order to calibrate quickly and easily the sowing dose, and to regulate automatically the sowing dose proportionally to the variations in working speed. On SDNC models, this system allow to control from one monitor the two circuits, which remain fully independent.

We have chosen a sowing arm mounted on a parallelogram with a 20-25 cm movement so that it can follow well the ground in difficult conditions. The arms are mounted on 2 rows, with a 1.740 mm clearance between row. The separation between arms vary from 165 to 175 mm, depending on the model. The standard sowing element feature:

  • A sowing double-disk with off-centres disks  and inside cleaning device.
  • Two separated and independent exits for seeds and fertilizer (on SDNC models).
  • Two compacting wheels with regulation system beside the sowing double disk.


  • Option: 20” front cutting disk with pressure and depth regulation.
  • Option: additional back compacting wheel.

Do not hesistate to contact us for more information, and visit our web page corresponding to this product.